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5M is committed to providing top-notch support for daily living, covering personal hygiene, grooming, dressing, mobility assistance, meal preparation, and more.
Our services support individuals through major life transitions, such as moving homes, joining university, or securing employment. We provide a range of supports, including connection and coordination, skill development, crisis resolution, and more.
Our travel and transport services are designed for participants who cannot use public transport due to disabilities, ensuring safe and convenient travel arrangements.
Our nursing services empower participants to handle daily tasks independently, with trained nurses providing support for health-related needs in the comfort of your home.
Living independently is made possible with our assistance, covering tasks in shared living environments, short-term accommodation, and support with daily responsibilities.
The Development-Life Skills program encourages participants to gain independence, knowledge, and confidence, offering training in various life skills and community participation.
Join our inclusive environment for learning, friendship, and fun, where participants engage in group-based community, social, and recreational activities.
Our certified NDIS providers assist with essential household tasks, ensuring a clean and well-maintained living space.
Participate in community-based activities for improved well-being, social connections, and skill development, connecting with the community through enjoyable activities.
Engage in social, community, and recreational activities with our support, including medical appointments, grocery shopping, library visits, and more.
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5M Community services will help you understand

We’re a family-driven organization founded on values of unity, compassion, and unwavering support for those in need
We envision an organization that provides excellent support to our community of participants, support workers, and all those we interact with multicultural values as the foundation of everything we do.
Our values are rooted in the unconditional acceptance of all individuals, without judgment, respecting their disabilities and recognizing their unique stories. With a little help, everyone has the potential to be an inspiration against adversity to their community.
To connect with each participant, providing flexible, personalized, and high-quality support to enhance their lifestyle, learning, and vocational opportunities.
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